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Grace Is the First Point of Truth

In 1986, in my living room, alone in the house, I grappled with a powerful call on my life that I knew was beyond anything I was equipped to do.  I wasn’t really regretting my prayer a few months before, “Lord, if you will show me what works, I want to be part of the...

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Shame and the Power of Bearing Witness

When I was a kid, I had a debilitating fear of being seen.  Like a lot of us, I was mercilessly bullied in grade school, told that I was stupid, ugly, awkward, and that it would be better for everybody if I just disappeared and stopped polluting others’ lives.  So I...

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Millstones Around Our Necks

God called me back to basics as the new year rolled into view.  My blog post to that affect was posted in January, 2020. What basics?  After all the wrestling and questioning, it came down to one basic, a familiar call: “Mary, Mary, Mary”….”you so easily forget the...

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