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Female Sex Addiction

Male sexual addiction is the focus of more and more studies and articles, yet there is often little in the way of information available to women who are dealing with addictive behaviors. As with many other issues, women are often left to read a resource primarily...

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Truth Really Really Matters. . .  Really!

I enjoyed one of my niece’s recent Facebook posts.  She was venting some frustration about how difficult it is to find out the truth about anything that happens.  She wrote about her experience as she searches the news:    “Since when was the media a bias entity? I...

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When Teen Pregnancy Hits Home

What do you do when the unexpected hits home?  Many years ago, after returning home from being out of town for a funeral, my 16-year old daughter and her boyfriend told us she was pregnant.  It was a conversation that we were not expecting to have. As time progressed...

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