about us

about us


Within society’s polarized attitudes about sexuality, Where Grace Abounds  (WGA) sees itself as a third voice. WGA stands in agreement and disagreement with both “sides” of the debate over sexual ethics.

  • One side advocates for and celebrates freedom of sexual expression.  From this position, abstinence is viewed as unhealthy, repressive, even damaging to people. People who hold this position would say that God  loves and accepts all His creation as they are, without exception.  From  this perspective, it is mean-spirited, even spiritual violence, to say that  any sexual behavior is contrary to biblical standards.
  • On the other side of the debate, there is judgment and condemnation of the  expression of sexuality in any form outside the boundaries of the marriage  between one man and one woman.  To these people, any sexual behavior  outside of the context of marriage is a violation of the biblical  standard.  From this perspective, love dictates a  firm sanction against sexual behavior that deviates from the  standard.

The debate is most often waged on the battleground of differing positions  on homosexuality.  But WGA would hold that biblical standards are to be applied to all human behavior, including sexuality.

WGA resists the pressure to join one side or another of this debate over sexual ethics.  Holding another position, the third  voice, WGA:

  • agrees that people are free to make their own choices, including what they  choose to do about their sexual attractions, but we disagree that upholding a  biblical standard is mean-spirited or unloving or damaging to people.
  • agrees that God loves and accepts people exactly as they are; but we  disagree that He leaves them there.  In the pursuit of God, all parts of our lives are affected, including our beliefs and behavior  surrounding the expression of human sexuality.
  • agrees that God’s model for marriage is between one man and one woman, but  we disagree that homosexuality is any more a threat to marriage than are  adultery, use of pornography, or any other sexual behavior that is not in line with biblical standards.

In summary, WGA believes all sexual sinners are in the same boat, whatever the focus of their sexual attraction, and that God’s forgiveness is available to  us all.

May the Lord of grace and truth bring hope and peace to those who struggle, and bring a spirit of conviction upon those who would judge others.