ReSOULutions series

ReSOULutions series

What is the ReSOULutions Series?

The ReSOULutions Series is an introductory program comprised of 4 topical modules (listed below) addressing the need for understanding, ongoing resolution and healing of certain issues around sexuality and relationships within the context of our relationship with God.

  • Seeking True Connection: Resolving Love & Sex Addiction
  • Navigating Sexual Identity & Same Sex Attraction
  • Resolving the Effects of Abuse
  • Ways of Healthy Relating

How long does the series last and what does it offer?

Each module is 4 weeks (Thursday evenings from 7-9 PM) and will offer lists of resources, teaching times, introduction of helpful tools, discussion and small group support time.  An emphasis on setting goals and creating a continued plan for ongoing work will be addressed in the final week of each module.

Who should attend?

These modules have been developed for those who are seeking healing from deep relational wounds.  For people who want to remove the barriers to healthy connection & community, as well as deepening relationships with God and others.  Also, this program is for those who want to understand and support a loved one working through these issues. For more information on how to participate or when these specific topics are offered, please call or email us.

ReSOULutions Series Descriptions

Seeking True Connection:  Resolving Love & Sex Addiction  (4 Weeks)

This 4 week series will concentrate on teachings, tools and support around the issues of love & sex addiction (and addiction in general).  Definitions and contributing factors (such as shame, trauma, family dynamics, etc) will be discussed.  The addiction cycle will be explored, along with resources to choose healthier options and alternatives when in the thick of temptation.

Navigating Sexual Identity and Same Sex  Attraction  (4 Weeks)

The components that form our sexual identity, especially for those who experience same-sex attraction, will be explored in this 4 week series.  Experiences from a male and female perspective will be shared, along with how these dynamics can affect families and other relationships. Other topics will be explored, such as relevant theology of sexuality, as well as tools to create a framework for addressing these complex parts of who we are.

Resolving the Effects of  Abuse  (4 Weeks)

The topic of abuse (sexual, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual) will be explored in this 4 week series.  Resources, teachings, and support will be provided for the continued resolution of the symptoms and effects of abuse. Options for treatment will also be offered for the healing journey.

Ways of Healthy Relating  (4 Weeks)

We are designed by God for connection, community, and healthy intimacy.  As He continues to resolve and heal wounds in our lives, the need for healthy intimacy and connection remains.  This 4 week series will concentrate on those barriers that keep us from deep connections, offer tools, as well as give vision for God’s design for healthy relationships.