Men’s Commitment Group

Men’s Commitment Group lasts six months and is made up of the same small group of men (6-8) who meet weekly.  The group provides consistency and opportunities for healthy intimacy in same-sex relationships.  It provides a higher level of accountability than our open regular meetings and facilitates interdependence with others.  Members are accountable to one another in that they are transparent, take relational risks such as speaking the truth in love to one another or sharing one’s deeply personal pain, and talk honestly about one’s thoughts, feelings, doubts, fears, successes and failure.  Participants give other group members permission to challenge one another toward their stated goals for personal and spiritual growth.  The group begins with a mandatory weekend retreat.

Survivors of Abuse

Survivors Of Abuse (SOA) is a small group that meets weekly for 4-5 months:  It is designed to provide its members with the opportunity to explore the effects of sexual, emotional, physical and/or spiritual abuse have had on the life of each participant. This requires a deeper level of commitment to healing by each member because this group explores the difficult areas of people’s lives that many have tried to forget. Dan Allender’s book The Wounded Heart is used as a resource and text book that the group will read through together weekly.  The group begins with a Saturday kick off time.

Growth Group

Growth Group lasts six months and consists of an equal number of men and women.  It is designed for members to explore healthy relationships with the opposite sex.  This is not a dating primer or place for marriage exploration; but a group in which members explore the barriers and roadblocks with the opposite gender and work to develop healthy non-sexual intimacy.

ReNew Group

Where Grace Abounds newest resource for men and women!  The ReNew Group gives participants a forum for those desiring freedom from addiction in their lives—any addiction.  During the 16 weeks of group there will be various exercises and weekly themes around addiction with an emphasis on self-care, accountability and accepting and dealing with emotions.  Michael Cusick’s book “Surfing for God” and Gerald May’s “Addiction & Grace” are used as resources and text books.  The group begins with a Saturday kick off time.

Going Deeper With God

Going Deeper with God is a fourteen-week discussion study that focuses on a person’s relationship with the Lord.  This group is typically made up of both men and women who wish to explore a personal, interactive relationship with God.  The curriculum prompts members to be honest with God mentally, emotionally, spiritually and volitionally.  Members discuss their reaction to the materials presented, in conjunction with their spiritual upbringing and their own faith.  This is often the first group WGA attendees participate in outside of our regular weekly meetings.  The group begins with a Saturday kick off time.