The Christmas season is in full swing. For most, holidays bring families together, at least in proximity. These family visits can be wonderful. They can also be challenging, especially when a loved one chooses this time to come out as LGBTQ+. If you are struggling and looking for resources, below are a few links to blogs we have posted this year about dealing with these family dynamics.

My Child Just “Came Out” to Me. Where Do We Go From Here? by Jill Huston

12 Vital Things for Parents to Say to Their Gay Child by Lori Wildenberg

Childhood Gender Dysphoria: Options to Consider As a Parent for Your Struggling Child by Scott Kingry

Finally, here is a link to an article about self care. It is easy to get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else that we neglect ourselves. In the end, this helps no one.

Self Care by Roger Jones

Please know that Where Grace Abounds is available to you and your family if you need support or simply a listening ear.

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