Just a few weeks ago, we received the news that WGA’s Office Manager, Nancy Dryden, would be leaving our staff. We are sad to see her go! Nancy has been a huge asset to our team for the past 20 years. Plus, she has become a really close friend over that time. We will miss the daily contact in the office, but know that she will continue to be in our lives.

Nancy joined out team in 2001. She was the mother of a two year old, who she brought along with her to the office. A few years later, she had another son who came to work with her as well. It was such a joy (and a pleasant distraction) to have them around the office with us. Fast forward 20 years and both boys are now grown. The youngest just graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago.  With both boys adults, Nancy wanted to seek full-time employment. Sadly, there weren’t enough hours available for her to work full time with us.

This transition came about pretty quickly. Nancy was approached by a neighbor about a job where he works. Within a week, she had been hired. May 28th was her last official day with us. Coming up on June 12th, we have a WGA picnic scheduled. Nancy will be there, so it would be a great opportunity for you to come by and wish her well. If you can’t come in person, you can always send a card or a note to her at our office. I’ll make sure she gets those.

We love you, Nancy! We will miss seeing you at the office. Let’s pray for God’s blessings on her new venture. And please pray for us as we consider how best to fill her position. The job has changed a lot over the past number of years, so we will be evaluating WGA’s administrative needs.


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