We thought you might like to know which of WGA’s blogs got the most views last year, so you can revisit them and/or take a look in case you missed them.

First up, we’ve got an article by Mary Heathman called “My 4 Year-Old is Touching Himself Down There, What Do I Do?” This particular blog was originally published in April of 2017, but continues to get a lot of reads. For 2018, it clocked in over 10,000 views!

Next up, we have “5 Characteristics of Addiction” by a WGA Leader.

An article by Scott Kingry, called “Gender Dysphoria: The Little Boy in a Dress” got quite a views as well.

Finally, a book review written by Roger Jones did pretty well this year too. Check it out here, “The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography,

Thanks for reading! We look forward to sharing more articles with you in 2019!


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