I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation (Phil 4:12)

It is very satisfying for me to gain insight concerning a problem in life, and to have the knowledge that if similar circumstances arise again, I will be ready to face the challenges and come out a winner.  Unsuccessful relationships are like that: learn from experience and avoid the same pitfalls from the last disaster, move toward someone without the same qualities, and narrow the playing field by knowing what you want.  I have had the distinct experience of entering into a new relationship and thinking, “Well, I sure won’t do that again,” as I recall the mistakes I made or the mistreatment I suffered.  Knowing what to do next is comforting and empowering.

Paul claims to have found guaranteed fortification in every life situation, and that he can be content whatever the conditions (Phil 4:12).  Hearing that a man has found the secret to happiness is enough to capture anyone’s attention, but I wonder if the answer revealed is always exactly what we have in mind.  “Oh, of course, living in the Lord’s strength is the secret (4:13)…I know that, I’m a Christian….”

I suppose I am not alone in admitting that, at times, I wish there was a better answer, one my eyes could see, perhaps, or one that was a little easier to grasp and put into action.  Some of us may hope that the right person will come along, and with him or her, happiness. We live in a world that offers many attractive answers, some of them “quick fixes,” so it really is no wonder that the discipline and surrender involved in leaning on Christ seems too complicated, too tenuous, or even too boring.

Funny, I hear more people excitedly anticipate winning the lottery than jumping for joy about the gospel.  The small odds of winning a million or so dollars inspires more anticipation and hope than the 100% assurance that God loves us, cares for us, provides us strength here on earth, and gives us eternal life in his heavenly kingdom.  What is often our last resort in times of trouble is our relationship with the Lord, which is the best secret known to humankind.

Anonymous Authors

Anonymous Authors


Due to the sensitive and personal nature of many of the issues Where Grace Abounds works with, some of our blog authors wish to remain anonymous. We encourage people to move towards being transparent and known by those significant relationships in their lives. Testimonies and personal experiences are powerful tools to be shared. We hope you are encouraged by reading this article.

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