our stories

our stories


I am thirty-three years old and have suffered with homosexual tendencies since the age of twelve. I became a born again Christian at the age of eighteen. The desire to be free from homosexual feelings is what led me to the Lord. I wanted a way out from the grip that held me so tightly. I knew Jesus had to be the key to deliverance. Because of deep shame and a horrid fear of rejection, I had never told anyone of these feelings. After my conversion to Christ, I still could not admit these feelings to anyone. Even after accepting the Lord, I continued to experience struggles in my Christian life. The thoughts and feelings never left. I knew that I needed help and truly wanted it, but felt so ashamed to admit these feelings to anyone in order to get help.

I was laid off from my job and ended up getting a position in Denver. Although it was against my will to come to Denver, the Lord had other plans. My homosexual desires increased greatly the day I moved to Denver. I saw a support group listing in a local newspaper and knew God was directing me to call. With great fear, I called and began to attend meetings at Where Grace Abounds.

The staff has helped me tremendously. My first experience was one of total acceptance from the staff as well as other group members. I felt I could be myself and still be loved and accepted.

Secondly, through the counseling and support I’ve received, I’ve felt released from loneliness. Through meeting others who have experienced similar emotional struggles, my feelings of isolation and loneliness have left.

Thirdly, I have experienced friendship. It is beautiful because Christians are helping Christians. WGA is an outreach ministry of the church at large. I could never receive this type of support through those in the church who have not had a similar experience.

I know the Lord brought me to Denver, not for the job, but for the support I have received through WGA. He has heard my cry and in his timing brought me to a place where I could receive help. My struggles have not ended but they have lessened. I’m glad God loves His people enough to provide a ministry to the homosexual. This ministry is much needed in the Church today.