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about us


“When people seek help in dealing with unwanted sexual feelings or behavior, where can they turn? And what agencies can we recommend for effective Christian counseling in such cases? Where Grace Abounds is precisely such a resource, raised up in God’s providence to meet an increasing need in the Denver area. I count it a privilege to endorse its ministry and urge its support.”

Vernon C. Grounds, 1914 -2010

President Emeritus, Denver Seminary

“I would not hesitate to recommend WGA to any educational organization who wishes to have the issues of homosexuality presented in a meaningful, timely and non-threatening way. At no time were my students placed in an uncomfortable or embarrassing position. At the same time, they were challenged and stimulated with new insights on a very sensitive subject.”

Roger Posthumus

Denver Christian High School

“I am so proud of you WGA! And I am so blessed to have been a part of your great ministry. I truly consider myself a “WGA plant,” similar to how successful churches plant new churches. The roots and heart of my ministry can be traced back to the heartbeat and compassion of WGA. I will forever be grateful. Onward and upward as you seek out new heights of God’s grace and endless mercy!”

Janelle Hallman

Licensed Counselor, Denver, Colorado

“I’m happy to give a strong note of affirmation to Where Grace Abounds. This organization has had a positive impact on the church. There is such a huge need for ministry in the homosexual community and so few are laboring in this area.”

Frank R. Tillapaugh

Author, “The Church Unleashed”

“WGA has provided invaluable training for our staff, and for young leaders in Denver’s inner city. But they’ve also counseled and served my own family and friends, for which I am deeply grateful. Through the years these delightful people have inspired and encouraged us and been a beautiful example of following Christ in hard places.”

Jeff Johnsen

Executive Director, Mile High Ministries

“I met Mary Heathman at a conference in 1995. I didn’t know a soul and had no idea who Mary Heathman was and she certainly had no idea who I was. Mary was a speaker so I just walked up to her and asked for help. She took my wife and I under her wing and spent time with us throughout the conference. There is no question in my mind that I would have never gotten as involved in ministry to homosexuality as I did had it not been for Mary and others like her in those early days. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with WGA, both at conferences and in Colorado. They have blessed me more than I could ever say.”

Bob Stith

Pastor (Retired), Carroll Baptist Church | Chairman, Living Hope Ministries, Southern Baptist Convention Task Force on Ministry to Homosexuals