about us

about us

The WGA Ministry

Where Grace Abounds (WGA) is a discipleship ministry. The operation of support groups, peer or staff consultations, social activities, etc. is to be understood in the context of our stated purposes as a religious ministry.

WGA services are not presented as a substitute for professional counseling or therapy. We maintain a referral list of competent professionals.
WGA comes alongside the church to help it minister to people with sexual and relational conflicts. WGA does not require that participants share its beliefs or belong to any religious organization.

WGA services are provided free of charge. No fees, “suggested donations,” dues, etc., are attached to the availability of consultations, or support group membership. Free-will offerings are taken at some meetings, and a monthly newsletter with a return envelope is provided for the convenience of those who would like to contribute to the ministry.

WGA is a 501(c)(3) corporation in the state of Colorado with a board of directors that oversees its operation.

WGA Beginnings

Mary Heathman, Founding Director, had a background of heterosexual sin and confusion that brought her to Christ at age twenty-seven. At that time, in addition to a new believer’s voracious hunger for the Word and dynamic love-relationship with Jesus, Mary also experienced God’s direct intervention in her sexual and emotional life; in her very identity as a woman. Until that time, her self-worth and identity had been wrapped up in her ability to attract a man’s sexual interest. Within the first five years of her conversion, she experienced a profound transformation of her sexual feelings and attractions—the Lord taught her how to love her brothers as He intended.

So, it isn’t surprising then, that ten years later, when her 19-year-old stepson told her that he wanted to live his life as a gay man, she sought the Lord’s guidance and direction in every step of her response to her son.  She knew that she would love her son, no matter what choices he made, but she also had a variety of mixed feelings and confusion about homosexuality and God’s heart for people like her son. She set about researching what is true about homosexuality; (ultimately the research took her into the broader arena of God’s original intent for sexuality and relationships.) That initial research revealed few resources and not much in the way of ministry to people who struggled with same-sex attractions, or for their families who loved them and were desperate for help.

Shortly after that, while attending a conference workshop; she overheard two other mothers talking. The first asked, “How long have you known your son is gay?” The other responded, “Only about four months now, we are still trying to find a church that can help us.” The first woman responded, “You better forget about the Church; they don’t have anything for us.” Mary was disheartened, thinking, “Lord, if not Your Church, then where is a family in such deep pain to go; who will help?” Later that night, Mary found herself praying that she might be a part of God’s provision for people. “Lord, if you’ll teach me what helps, I want to be part of the solution.”