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The Avoid-O-Meter

“You would like to know how I behave when I am experiencing pain, not writing books about it. You need not guess, for I will tell you; I am a great coward. But what is that to the purpose? When I think of pain—of anxiety that gnaws like fire and loneliness that...

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Ministry Updates

Like everyone else, we continue to wind our way through the ongoing effects of Covid-19. Back in March, when WGA had its first ever Thursday Night Group meeting via Zoom, we had no idea that this would continue through the Spring and into Summer. Looking ahead through...

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I _________: Musings on Identity

It’s Pride month. I never thought I would acknowledge Pride exists, yet here I am pondering it a bit more deeply this year because of how it relates to my identity. In the past, when I thought about the topic of identity, one label rose above the rest: Christian. It...

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Attitude: Do I have a choice?

I am convinced that one can choose one’s attitude. A familiar story goes way back.  Many speakers and preachers draw upon this ancient parable to inspire their followers toward higher ground in thinking and attitude.  The tale goes like this: There once was a traveler...

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Feel the Feelings that you Feel

In the past, I’ve written about relationships on this blog. However, at this point in this season of social distancing and safer-at-home orders, it would be much easier to write about the Netflix documentaries I’ve been binging on rather than relationships. Through...

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