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The Gift of Living in Tension

I often feel a lot of tension in my life, like the stretching of a rubber band that stresses the material. When I think of tension, I think of how it is used to test the strength of an object. It feels like an appropriate metaphor for life as my strength seems to be...

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Reconciled in God’s Perfect Timing

Rarely a week goes by that I don’t wake up in the morning with reconciliation on my mind.  I have been living, eating, and breathing this biblical truth for so long – and I would like to share a memory on this theme with WGA blog readers today. When I first spoke on...

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WGA’s Story Slam – April 6th, 2019

Coming up on Saturday, April 6th, WGA is hosting a FUNdraiser to help fund all of the various services and programs that we offer. We are having a Story Slam (think poetry slam, but with stories). We are expecting a fun night, hearing from 6 different story tellers...

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How To Break Up With Your Phone

When we talk about addiction at Where Grace Abounds, we are often referring to love or sex addiction. Pornography, sex, “addicted to love,” as examples. Another topic we’ve been addressing more and more is technology addiction. This isn’t just about using technology...

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What does the ‘Q’ in LGBTQ+ Mean Anyway?

Editor’s Note: In the past few years, “Queer” has become a label more and more people are identifying with. We asked our friend Beth to share some of her thoughts on the topic and why she now uses the word queer to describe herself. We are often asked about the labels...

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The Process of Redemption

I argued previously that reorienting a congregation regarding sin and redemption involves rethinking the concept of sin. First, sin—missing the mark—is fundamentally about degrading our ability to fulfill our God-designed purpose of stewarding creation and reflecting...

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The Problem of Sin

Before a church can effectively develop a strategy for dealing with the question of sexual orientation, they must first develop a more robust and comprehensive theology of sin. Most Christians (including church leaders) see sin simply as the breaking of a moral code....

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