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Painful Obstacles for LGBTQ+ Youth

Growing Up Gender Dysphoric and Gay I was already at a disadvantage from the word “go” growing up. I began struggling with confusion about my gender around age 5. It started off in small ways. I wasn’t rough and tumble like the other boys, but more emotional and...

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Whatever Became of Repentance?

Mark Galli’s article in Christianity Today last September asks, “Whatever Became of Repentance?” The article is well worth reading, and it is so relevant to the WGA mission.  I want to highlight and comment on a few of Galli’s comments. MG (Mark Galli):  “… the...

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June 12, 2016 – A Day of Tragedy

Introduction: I originally wrote this article soon after the Orlando Shooting in June of 2016. Today is the two year anniversary of that horrible day. The tragedy has moved further into the past but more like it have happened in the time since. We are called to...

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Are We Helping or Hurting Abuse Survivors?

In conjunction with the Survivors of Abuse group we periodically offer here at WGA, I have read and re-read Dan Allender’s book, The Wounded Heart. In the prologue of his text, Allender addresses a few points about ineffective paths to healing for abuse survivors....

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Loneliness—A Heart’s Cry for Love, Pt 2

In my last blog, I made the case for the crippling nature of loneliness and that “. . . .our hearts ache with a yet unsatisfied yearning for love, and the pain of that fact keeps us looking for love in any handy place we can find.”  I also asserted that Love remains...

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