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Defying Commercialization

“Who among the gods is like you LORD? Who is like you – majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?” Exodus 15:11 What are believers to do when even “Keep the Christ in Christmas” has become a slogan for profit?  Christmas has been thoroughly...

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Where Grace Abounds… Changing Lives

Today is Colorado Gives Day, a one-each-year event sponsored by The Giving First Foundation. Those who choose to participate today can have a portion of their donations matched through a generous $1,000,000 incentive fund. If you already know you'd like to make a...

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Blog Highlights for 2017

Since we began this blog back in March of this year, we have posted at least two articles each week. This one you are reading is our 89th! We hope you've had the chance to see them. Please take the opportunity to browse through some of our older ones when you get the...

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With Gratitude This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I am reminded of some pretty amazing things that we have to be thankful for here at Where Grace Abounds. Thanks to you, our readers, for being a big part of this. Here are a few highlights: In March, we launched our new website. Since then, there...

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I Was Caught Looking at Porn By My Wife

100% Truth; 100% Grace These words mean so much to me, and I use them as the guidepost for myself and my family. In March of 2001, I had just married the most amazing woman in the world. She was kind, innocent, we shared our faith tradition, and she deeply loved God....

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Hollywood Under Fire #MeToo

I recently wrote a blog called #MeToo in response to the movement where first women, and then men began to publically acknowledge that they were victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault. As of October 24th, it was reported that the hashtag had been tweeted over...

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