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Healthy Relating in the New Year

I love the clean slate provided by a new calendar. It gives me an opportunity not only to look back, but also to set goals and cast vision for the next 12 months of life. Several years ago, my Bible study leader challenged our group to come up with a word for the...

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“Come Here!” ”Go Away!”

“I said I wanted to live in the country and in the city both ….”  “I am neurotic.  I could never settle down in either the country or the city.”  “You could live between them,” Buddy suggested helpfully. “Then you could go to the city sometimes and to the country...

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2018’s Top Blog Posts

We thought you might like to know which of WGA's blogs got the most views last year, so you can revisit them and/or take a look in case you missed them. First up, we've got an article by Mary Heathman called "My 4 Year-Old is Touching Himself Down There, What Do I...

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Let Us Walk in the Light

We live in remarkably uncivil times. Television is crass and violent, whether news reports or “entertainment.” Social media allow people to vent impatience and invective at anyone who disagrees with them. Hate crimes, including those against Christians, are on the...

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